Yuval Dinary

Yuval Dinary

Bipolar Disorder Supportive Therapy

Get help from someone who's been there.

You Don't Need to Go Through It Alone

 If you’re seeing this, you’ve probably witnessed the effects of bipolar disorder. You may have been frightened by a manic episode and are unsure of how to pick up the pieces. You may be observing a depressive episode and don’t know how to combat it. You may have questions or doubts about treatment.

Bipolar disorder can be exhausting, shameful, and very stressful. So much confusion and worry is intertwined with the experience of a bipolar episode for both its sufferers and their families.

Fortunately, there are people who’ve gone through the bipolar journey both as insiders and outsiders. They have studied the disorder and its remedies, and can help you make sense of it, find appropriate treatment, and walk with you through the recovery journey.

As a bipolar specialist, I help individuals and families affected by bipolar disorder. If you’re struggling with bipolar disorder, I can help you reduce symptoms, prevent episodes, and increase insight. If your loved one is struggling, I can help you understand their behaviors and develop a plan to get them the help they need.

Who is Struggling with Bipolar Disorder?

Benefits of Therapy

Individual Therapy

  • Get out of an episode
  • Reduce symptoms
  • Make sense of psychotic experiences
  • Work through the shame of an episode
  • Develop practices to prevent episodes
  • Speak with someone who’s been there
  • Get sober
  • Understand your condition
  • Make peace with the cards you’ve been dealt

Family Support

  • Learn what you need to know about the disorder
  • Build a plan to help your loved one
  • Understand what your loved one is going through
  • Talk with someone who’s been there
  • Express your concerns about medications
  • Understand the mental health system
  • Have a non-judgemental place for your whole family to vent
Yuval Dinary, social worker, psychotherapist, bipolar specialist

Yuval Dinary

Bipolar Specialist

RSW, Psychotherapist

“Yuval is especially good at what he does.

I look at my therapeutic journey as a massive success and I largely owe it to him.”

A testimony from a client of bipolar focused therapy.
Toronto, ON

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