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Yuval Dinary

Bipolar Disorder Family Support

Learn how to support your unwell loved one

Get full family support for your bipolar loved one
Are you thinking...
  • What’s going on with them?
  • What should I know about their disorder
  • They’re scaring me
  • They don’t want medications
  • What if they don’t want help?
  • What am I supposed to do?
You are not alone.

They’ve been echoed by countless families, including mine ages ago. Having a loved one go through a psychiatric episode is frightening, confusing, and exhausting. You watch them not be themselves, engage in risky behaviour, and you can’t get through to them. 

You’re not sure when they’ll return back to themselves and you’re scared of an episode happening again. Your family is tired because the episode is long and your patience is being tested. 

You want to help them but are unsure how. Just as the person in a psychiatric crisis needs help, so too often does their family. Fortunately, there is help and hope.

Bipolar disorder impacts the full family. Find help through therapy.

Bipolar Disorder Family Support Services

Your whole family is invited to attend sessions. I offer different sessions and packages depending on your family’s needs. 

If you have some questions about your loved one’s diagnosis or are trying to formulate a plan to get him help, I’d recommend a Strategy Session. If your family needs support or if your loved one is in the middle of an episode, I’d recommend the Maintenance Package.

Help for You and Your Family

I can help you understand the specificities of bipolar disorder from both personal experience and as a mental health practitioner.

I can explain the role of medications, prognosis, and what the recovery process looks like.

Bipolar disorder affects the whole family. All family members are welcomed to be involved in the process.

Supporting a loved one who is unwell is challenging.

Families often want find someone who understands to confide in.

I’ll provide you and your family with a safe space to express yourselves and feel heard.

I can help you make sense of your loved one’s state and behaviours.

By gaining this insight, you can acquire the skills necessary for navigating this journey alongside them.

I assist you and your family in preparing to support your loved one through treatment.

I will guide your family through a mental health crisis effectively.

If we succeed in helping your loved one, and they express a desire for individual support, I’ll be there to work with them.

Having family involvement in their recovery will greatly aid in its process.

“Our family has been significantly and negatively impacted by mental illness over the past 10+ years.

Yuval has been our strongest ally and most precious asset in navigating Bipolar and the immense impact it has had on our family.”

Parent finds help for bipolar child through a specialist
North York

Get the Support Your Family Needs

Your family doesn’t need to navigate this alone. There are people who’ve been through it and now help others do the same.

Help is available. Reach out for a free consultation.