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Yuval Dinary

Online Bipolar Therapy

Live a good life in spite of the disorder

Get well with bipolar supportive coaching.

Have You Asked Yourself:

  • Why did it have to happen to me?
  • How can I overcome depression?
  • Can I return to my old life?
  • Was any part of my psychosis real?
  • How can I prevent an episode?
  • How can I fix my relationships?
  • How can I reduce symptoms?

You Are Not Alone!

Countless people have asked themselves the same questions. Your suffering is one that has been shared by millions. Many have been in your shoes and have found a path to a better place, one without episodes, fear, and addiction. People with bipolar disorder can live amazing and fulfilling lives through recovery. 

Those who have gone through the recovery process can tell you that the disorder doesn’t need to limit your life with the right treatment and guidance. There are many who have gone through it themselves and now help others in your situation do the same. 

You don’t need to suffer alone. You don’t need to try to find the right treatment path alone. You can do it all with someone who has been where you are now.     

How Therapy Can Help

Understand your symptoms.

See them earlier.

Master the tools to alleviate them.

Learn about the disorder.

Understand the greater picture.

Learn about medication and other treatments.

Make sense of your episodes.

Find peace with your psychotic experiences.

See where your flaws end and the disorder begins.

Understand how to live well with bipolar disorder.

Make sense of internal and external sigma.

Reduce your drug intake.

Stop self-medicating.

Enjoy life sober.

Have someone on your team who’s been there.

Exchange bipolar experiences.

Be real in a shameless and supportive space.


Bipolar Services

People need different supports at different times. I therefore offer packages based on different needs. 

If you’re struggling with bipolar disorder or have recently been diagnosed, I recommend the Short Term Psychotherapy Package. 

If you’re looking for check-ins and casual support, I recommend the Maintenance Package

Modalities I use

  • Goal-Oriented Therapy
  • Existential Therapy
  • Metacognitive Therapy
  • Strength-Based Therapy
  • Parts Work (Internal Family Systems)

Programs I've made

  • Episode Prevention Program
  • Post-Episode Program
  • Bipolar Jungian Therapy

How to Get Started

1. Book a free consultation below

2. Attend the consultation

3. Begin therapy

“Yuval is an excellent counsellor who is kind, caring and compassionate.

He was able to calm my fears about my mental health issues and provide guidance.

He gave me frameworks that put my mental health issues into a new and more positive perspective.”


Peer Support

I am loyal to the Peer Support traditions. My personal journey has enriched my professional path. And I believe that shared experiences make for stronger client-practitioner bonds. Staying true to the tradition, I don’t do “therapy-speak”. I speak to my clients in a manner that’s straight-forward and down to earth.

The traditions oriented me to work with, rather than on, my clients. This grants my clients far more agency than with with most clinically-minded practitioners. I believe that you know what’s going wrong in your life, not me. I believe that you can tell me if a treatment is working, not me. You will therefore have a lot of say in the direction and pace of treatment. 

My approach also allows me to be blunt with my clients when needed and challenge them directly. This is highly appreciated by my clients who are used to talking with practitioners who seem to have had PR training. I will share with you stories of my times as a mentally ill drug addict when relevant. This helps my clients realize that their most shameful rock bottoms are shared, can be found peace with, and can be spoken about in a light hearted manner. I will speak to you like I would speak to anybody else. 

Shared Notes

I want my clients and I to be on the same page, and I take that literally. As my client, I will give you my notes. My clients edit my notes to make sure that the information is relevant and accurate. I want to make sure that I have the most precise understanding of your situation that I can.

My clients don’t need to write down their assignments as those are written in the notes. By having my notes, you can review what we talked about and implement what was discussed. This speeds up the treatment process and is partially why my clients recover quickly.

Be on the same page with a bipolar focused therapist

Begin Your Recovery Journey