Yuval Dinary

Yuval Dinary

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“Yuval was able to establish a trusting and safe space 

where I was comfortable expressing my darkest thoughts. 

He has a knack for making me feel heard and guiding me through my own thoughts. 


Now that I have been a patient for a few years I am far more independant, 

my quality of life has improved dramatically and I have learned so much about myself. 

He has been a source of tremendous support.”


“Yuval helped me understand my experience with bipolar disorder. 

We connected quickly and got to the work.


I’m now episode-free and have a higher quality of life. 

I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with bipolar disorder.”


“Yuval is caring and kind, a patient listener and always has his clients best interest at heart.


He connects with his clients and is always available to help.


He’s helped me a lot with my illness.”


“Yuval has been a great resource for our family, counseling us on my siblings’ bipolar illness.


He has educated us on the illness, helped us figure coping strategies, understand what to expect


and helped us put together a plan of action to move forward.”


“Yuval’s ability to provide information in a relatable way is fantastic.


He was able to educate us on facets of this disease that we were unaware of & lacked overall understanding.


He provided insight into behaviors we were witnessing and helped us alleviate concerns and fears surrounding these behaviors.”


“Yuval is an excellent listener and took the time to learn about our family dynamic,

the history of illness and the impact on our immediate family, my children

and our broader community of extended family and friends.  


He processes information slowly to ensure he is able to fully grasp the magnitude

and impact of the information being shared. 


His attentiveness and empathy has been so greatly appreciated.” 


“Yuval is very effective at staying on track during our calls.


Little time is ever wasted and each discussion feels like progress has been made. 


I would highly recommend Yuval if you or your family require Bipolar counseling and/or support; he has been invaluable to our family.”

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